• Kevin Michael Isek Sr.

Immune System Intelligence


Boosting the immune system is a great step toward great health. A strong immune system can ward off a variety of diseases, viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds, it also should recognize toxic materials. A smart immune system knows what to attack and what to leave alone. Strength and intelligence of immune system combined with hydration and sufficient nutrients, fats and proteins will have drastic long-term effects.

Most people know how to eat right and boost their immune system, but not everyone knows how to stay properly hydrated and increase immune system intelligence. From my studies and understanding there are only a few know methods of causing the immune system to function more intelligently.

The practical summary is that there are certain polysaccharides that improve immune system intelligence. These can be found in certain foods:

A specific mushroom


A specific seaweed


Certain Aloe Vera extracts


Reishi mushrooms, spirulina and aloe seem to be the most relevant forms of polysaccharides. We are currently working on an expansion of our product line to include at least one of these products. We want our customers to be happy, healthy and informed. We also encourage anyone to message us and let us know what you would like to see on our site, what you like or for any general reason.

Thank You All Very Much,

Kevin M. Isek Sr. CFO Co-Founder Arise Organics

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