Empower people to create sustainability in their local environment. The most local environment is the body, mind, and spirit. Sustainability starts at the most local level, self, and moves outward. Self-sustainability is the first step toward socially responsible attitudes and achievements. Preparing and empowering people to make a meaningful impact on their circle of influence is achievable. Growing the circle of influence of the company, and it’s core network are areas of priority.


1. Self-sustainability: Victory and education.

            a) Sustainability through victory: Victories and accomplishments are the foundation for an individual’s sense of ability. Victory sustains courage. If an individual can tackle the smaller obstacles of self-sustainment, then they will be ready to impact and improve the larger obstacles of self and environmental sustainability.

            b) Sustainability through education: A critical part of the first step is learning how to learn. Educational sustainability requires a person to learn the most effective and efficient methods of learning, what foods drive learning and thinking, and which physical and spiritual activities enhance the mind’s learning capacities.


2. Environmental-sustainability: The Journey outside.

            a) When people are empowered to sustain their own health, they will feel a greater purpose and ability to create sustainability in larger areas, such as their environment. A sense of independence, power, and capability is achieved when people become aware of their self-control. People can control their body, mind and spirit. When this is accomplished, the ability to create positive changes in larger areas becomes clear.

            b) Self-sustainability removes the child-like dependency of individuals. Mature adults experience deeper levels of freedom, confidence, and accountability when given the appropriate tools, information, and awareness. Maturity leads to a desire and ability to create changes at larger levels.